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04 June 2023
The UK secures revised Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Australian producers
Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (A-UK FTA) Australian producers, agricultural importers and exporters have exciting…
- June 1, 2023 | AGRI BUSINESS | Australia | Policy | REGULATORY | Trade | United Kingdom
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China Seed Congress stimulates the revitalization of the seed industry
China Seed Congress 2023 and Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum push for revitalization of seed industry The…
- June 1, 2023 | China | COMMODITIES | Grains & Seeds | Industry | Seed | Uncategorized
Hong Kong's Agroforestry Group expands its Aquilaria R&D operations to Malaysia
Aims to increase the growth of agarwood by accelerating the yield Hong Kong's Agroforestry Group…
- June 1, 2023 | AGRI BIOTECHNOLOGY | AGRI BUSINESS | Agrigenomics | Agro-ecology | China | COMMODITIES | Field trial | Malaysia | R&D
USDA prepares for Agri-Trade Mission to Japan to strengthen bilateral cooperation
USDA aims to expand bilateral trade relationships in the agricultural trade mission to Japan, June…
- June 1, 2023 | AGRI BUSINESS | COMMODITIES | International | Japan | Trade | USA
International soil-borne pathogens R&D center launched in Ankara, Turkey
New center will initiate programs on robust surveillance system for tracking pathogens, a genebank for…
- June 1, 2023 | Academic | AGRI BIOTECHNOLOGY | AGRI BUSINESS | Agrigenomics | Biopesticides | Breeding | FUNDING | Innovation | Lab Culture | MIDDLE EAST | R&D
Vietnam has emerged as the fourth-largest rubber supplier to South Korea
Vietnam's rubber exports to South Korea account for a total market value of $18,92 million,…
- June 1, 2023 | AGRI BUSINESS | COMMODITIES | Korea | Trade | Vietnam

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